My First Documentary Style Video

While I'm on the subject about first's, why don't I share the first documantary style video I directed and produced with my son. Oh the pearls of learning new things. Please be gentle:-) Save Save

My Directorial Debut

I'm supposed to write something engaging here. However, I would just like to mention this short video was my introduction to directing my first film. I found the footage in one of my folders on my computer while doing some research. With that said, I will leave you to brutally observe what was and what is still an ongoing learning experience, writing, directing, and producing moving images on a screen.

Even in Darkness their is a Window with A Sliver of Light

The room is dark. However, I try not to let the circumstances in my life resemble the interior of the abyss. What happened to me may be dismal, but I reach for that sliver of light that says everything will be okay. It's been a few days (okay more than a few) since I've written on any of my scripts. But I have told my wife this and I will tell anyone reading this blog, I have no excuses. It does not matter what I have going on or how busy I am, I can find five minutes to write five words. If I call myself a writer don't I have to write to earn the title? Keep going no matter what stage you're in on your project. Keep writing. Don't let what you're going through ruin your book or your script.

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"I am a faith-based screenwriter/director/producer looking to change the world and its perspectives and ideologies of love and chaos for the betterment of mankind through the stories I create for film and television."  ~ Calvin

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