How to Lose the Negative Voice.

It's hard finding positive things to see in yourself and in what you do or are trying to accomplish when everything and everyone around you seem to be running toward negativity. The news, social media, phone conversations, and neighbors across the street seem to be going out of control. Meanwhile, everything you are is polar opposite. How do you shine positively in the midst of chaos? How do you lose the negative voice? But you're a writer. This is what you do. This is how you create emotion within your audience. You take all of the negativity and create something that should elicit change. Moreover, that change needs to happen in you. Why? Because it's this same negative voice that hel

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"I am a faith-based screenwriter/director/producer looking to change the world and its perspectives and ideologies of love and chaos for the betterment of mankind through the stories I create for film and television."  ~ Calvin

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