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At least that's what I tell myself.😆 Let's get started. I've loved working a video camera since I was a kid and VHS and super 8 ruled the camcorder consumer market. My grandpa had a VHS camera from JVC, and I recorded everything I saw. Today, I don't have any idea where those tapes are, but I wish I did because they are memories I can't share nor get back. Fast forward to today and I believe my skills got a tad bit better. HAHA! I know they're better. The problem is not if my skills have gotten better rather than do I believe I am capable of getting the job done no matter what that job entails. If I don't believe in my self and my skills, then how do I expect anyone else to believe in me. D

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"I am a faith-based screenwriter/director/producer looking to change the world and its perspectives and ideologies of love and chaos for the betterment of mankind through the stories I create for film and television."  ~ Calvin

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